Playgrounds at Sandersvig

At Sandersvig there are several playgrounds  on the campside. Playgrounds vary in size and content, so there is fun for all ages.


Playground near the mainbuilding

In the playground at the main building, building 2. there is fun for both young and old. There is the big play tower with climbing wall, armrest, rope, and two sliders. The big playground with pipes to crawl through, a bridge and slide. Two trampolines, 2 springers and a big tilt. A small play tower with a slide and a house underneath.

Playground near building 1.

At building 1, there is a playground with swings, playground with a slide and a jumping pillow. In front of the kitchen at building 1. there are also springers for the smaller children

Playground near building 4.

At building 4 there is a large play tower with plenty of opportunities for the children to play around. There is view-post, walkway with rope, 2 rsliders, and a balance hallway. There are also springers on the other side of the building.

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