Dogs free of charge 🙂

Camping with dog on Sandersvig

At Sandersvig Camping we love animals and we think it’s nice when people bring their dogs to camping here with us. We have therefore also made a little extra of it for your dogs. It is free to bring your dog/dogs to camping here. The campsite is located in a beautiful area where there are many opportunities for exciting and pleasant walks both on the beach and down the woods. We also have a large enclosure where you can let your dog/dogs loose and play. In some weekends and holidays we make various arrangements for the dogs as well. 

Dog Bath

On the campside we also have a bathroom equipped only for dogs, it is available in our service building 3 and is free to use. Of course, you have to clean up after washing your dogs and leaving the bath so it is clean for the next dog as well.

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