Closed. Opens again on 01.04.23

Everyone over the age of 16 must present a valid corona passport to enter, whether bathing or watching. It is the parents’ responsibility that the children are supervised while staying at the water park.

Entrance to water park. Entrance code must be retrieved during the information’s opening hours. The code can only be used once on the day you retrieve it. Water park is open from 8.00 – 20.00 A valid corona passport or ID must be presented if you are under 16 until 1 September. The code is personal and misuse can result in a fee of DKK 3,000 to Sandersvig Camping, plus any fine on control by the authorities. There will be a routine check of coronapas inside the water park, this can be done by the staff at Sandersvig Camping or the authorities. Therefore, remember to bring your corona passport / ID to the water park.

Tropical waterpark

Tropical waterpark (800 m2) on the camp site. In the waterpark the air temperature is always 31°C and the water is 28 °C. The depth in the large pool is from 0 to 1,5 meters. All our guests get one free entrance every day.



  • A valid corona passport must be presented at the entrance
  • Children under the age of 16 must be able to show ID
  • It is the parents' responsibility that the children are supervised in the water park
  • Wash yourself extra well, WITHOUT SWIMWEAR – remember to use soap.
  • keep distance, and max 5 people in the shower room at a time

  • It is NOT possible to use the cabinets for storage, they are locked. Leave valuables at home and take your bag  out to the pool area while you swim.
  • The hot tub is not open.