Camp information

In the main building you will find the information desk, where a member of the Holst family always is ready to serve the guests. In the same area are the mini-market.

Opening hours is listed at the entrance. The lounge in the main building is divided into 2 sections, one with playing machines, pool table and TV, the other with TV and tables.


If the sun is not shining we have 3 solariums, which can give the right holiday tan. At the ground there is an open area of 50.000 m2, where you can fly your kite, train the dog and much more – your fantasy sets the limit.

There are four kitchens, all with electric stove and oven, dishwashing facilities with free hot water. The common kitchens are a good place for contact to the other campers.

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Star Requirements

If you have booked online and arrive after the office's closing time, please call during our opening hours to have a card etc. ready.


Monday-Thursday: 8.00 - 10.00 - 14.00-16.00
(Round pieces must be ordered on weekdays)
Saturday: 8.00-17.00
Sunday: 8.00-16.00

morgenbrød Sandersvig


The Gate:

07 am - 11 pm

Watch live video from the campsite.