Season 2022WinterLowseasonHighseason
Children (0-11 years) pr. night35 kr./4,79 Euro58 kr./7,94 Euro58 kr./7,95 Euro
Adults pr. night55 kr./7.53 Euro88 kr./12,05 Euro88 kr./12,05 Euro
Electricity pr. day 10 Amp.40 kr./5,48 Euro40 kr./5,48 Euro40 kr./5,48 Euro
Site fee: pr. Night20 kr./2,74 Euro30 kr./4,11 Euro70 kr./9,59 Euro
Shower 2 min.:2 kr./0,3 Euro2 kr./0,3 Euro2 kr./0,3 Euro
Shower – Building 26 kr./0,8 Euro6 kr./0,8 Euro6 kr./0,8 Euro

Long stay camping

Season 2022PeriodPrice
Spring season01/04 to 26/065.300 kr./721 Euro
Full season01/04 to 18/0911.800 kr./1.605 Euro
Fall season30/07 to 18/092.500 kr./340 Euro
half-winter18/09 to 30/101.900 kr./259 Euro
winter season
1 yearFrom arrival date and one year onwards14.600 kr./1.986 Euro

Long stay must purchase electricity-packs.

Wlan prices 

Period Price
1 day 30 kr/4,1 Euro
1 Week 100 kr/13,60 Euro
1 month 200 kr/27,21 Euro
3 months 300 kr/40,82 Euro
6 months 500 kr/68,02 Euro
12 months 750 kr/102 Euro

Select the network called: Sandersvig Camping. Select period, accept terms and pay with a creditcard

Water park: A free trip a day that in addition to DKK 12.50.

Electric cars: Purchase electricity package for DKK 40 per. day

Booking unspecified place: free
Ordering a specific place DKK 100.

Cabin prices, see: Cabins