Our animals

Swan geese

In 2012 a mother goose and 3 gooselings moved in. They are swan geese (Anser cygnoides), and they moved here from Hirtshals (northern Jutland). They live in a paddock, where they have a house, lots of space and a little pond to play in.

Red Deer

500 m from the site, we have a deer park, where a herd of red deer are living and thriving.
The red deer’s are fed some goodies every day in the main season. All our guests are welcome to join us at feeding-time and see these lovely creatures at close quarters… Read more.

Friesian horses

The large but elegant horses you can see walking around the field by the main building. This pair is also those who pull the carriage.


We have three Cameroon sheep in a fence near the main building. They like to be fed a piece of white bread, a biscuit or just to say hi.


We have a flock of large rabbits. They like leafy greens and resting in the shade.


Our little hen house is inhabited by chickens of different races. If you are lucky there may be small yellow chickens.